Sunday, October 14, 2012

Traveling Box Update

I am very happy at the positive response that has been given in regards to a hockey traveling box. So far we have the following people interested:

1. Dave H 
2. Chemgod - Badwax
3. Sal B - Puck Junk
4. Michael - C4K
5. DFG - TheRealDFG
6. Bamlinden - My Hockey Card Obsession
I wasn't entirely sure if others who commented were committed to joining, so I didn't add their names yet, but if anyone else wants to get in please let me know and then we can get the ball rolling on this fun expedition. As far as rules and structure goes, I really liked what Chemgod did for rules in his Baseball/Football one, so I am thinking of mirroring him again on that. If you can think of additional rules or changes, I am all for them as well. Here is what was done with the baseball/football box. In terms of time line, I think it would be fun to get this going soon so I will make the sign-up cutoff Friday October 19th. Thanks for all those that have signed up so far, and here is hoping we can land a few more!


  1. So you are taking the bull by the horns on this one? I first saw this on Bad Wax but I didn't know if you were going to quarterback this one or not since it was your idea. I'm more than willing to help this one along. Let me know when you want the goods to go into the initial box.

  2. I'll participate! I'll send the cards along with your package.

  3. Done! Thanks Brad

    I am, and I am pretty excited to have a chance to organize this one. Chemgod offered to join and pimp the idea out, but I will do the leg work on this one which is going to be a fun challenge. With 7 signups so far I am pretty sure it will be a fun one and of course there is time for more to join.

  4. Hope you all like PRO SET!


  5. Darn it Sal, I was hoping to do that...I guess it is 91/92 Score from me.....