Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1990-91 OPC Premier

I must say, when I first started collecting cards it was back in 1990. Not the best time to start collecting if you want any of your cards to have value, but of course an easy time to get started collecting because everyone sold hockey cards back then. Grocery stores, pharmacies, corner stores, department stores and there must have been about 15 card shops in the city I lived in. With that being said, one set from 1990 stood out as being someone rare and that was OPC Premier. This set has kinda always stayed with me over the years as being one I enjoyed. I couldn't stand the lack of stats on the back, but the photography was decent and the card layout was pleasing to the eye.

About a month or so ago, I was able to get my hands on a box of 1990 OPC Premier for $20.00. I couldn't pass up on the opportunity, there are far too many cool rookies in this set to not buy it and see what was inside. The set consists of 132 cards and according to hockeydb.com there were 58 rookies in the set. Some of the rookies like Tie Domi, have OPC Premier as their lone printed RC's. Thus far I have opened almost all 36 of the packs in the box. I managed to get a couple Modanos(2), Jagrs(2), Sundins(2), Fedorovs(2) and Roenicks(3) but I still have three packs left to open and since I have my blog going now, I thought I would share the last three packs over the next little while.

When I opened this pack, I found the standard 7 cards, they were all in mint shape (excuse the poor scans) and I ended up with 3 rookies. Back in 1990, these would have been some pretty decent rookies, but over the last 20 years, only one of the three rookies had a substantial career.

#35 Johan Garpenlov - He started with a lot of potential and was once considered a pretty decent prospect. He never lived up to potential and didn't last long in the NHL.

#33 Link Gaetz - A tough guy better known for his name and fights than any real hockey abilities. He lasted 65 NHL games where he piled up 412 career minutes in penalties. He moved onto a long career in the minors and semi-pro leagues.

#96 Mike Ricci - This was the best rookie from the pack by far. Thought it really has no financial value, it would be the best Mike Ricci rookie on the market. Mike had a pretty decent career for a solid two-way player. He played nearly 1100 games in the NHL and did win one Stanley Cup in
1996. Though I personally will always remember him as a player with serious crop of hockey hair and a toothless smile that could frighten the Queen of England. Search the internet for Ricci and Queen Elizabeth for more information if you are interested.

In addition to these rookies, I also pulled Rick Green, Pat Lafonatine, Claude Lemieux and Brad McCrimmon. Both Pat and Claude were excellent players and McCrimmon and Green were both solid defensemen. I would definitely say this wasn't an amazing pack, but it was a fun trip down memory lane.

Introduction to Wax Stain

Well this is the first of what I hope to be many posts. This blog will be primarily hockey in nature, but every now and again life is just a little bit more than that so other posts will pop up from time to time. I finally have gotten enough motivation to start this, and if you too are interested in starting your own blog, Chemgod from Badwax offers some great advice that I am going to try and keep in mind when I do my own blog.