Tuesday, October 23, 2012

11/12 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition - Alex Delvecchio

Now the PC is in full swing, I have landed my second game used Alex card. My first was something of a gem if you don't remember, check it out here. The swatch was red with the first one, so I went after a pretty decent sized beige white swatch. The card is from the high-end ITG Ultimate release and represents a hit I would love to pull if I could afford the product.

Luckily for me ITG cards are usually a really good value when it comes to the secondary market and after a little negotiating with the seller, we were able to come up with a price that we were both happy with.  This card would be much cooler if it was signed, but alas ITG doesn't do that as much as I would like and that only meant that I would have to track down a few certified autos to go with my game-used and TTMs.

Here is my Alex Delvecchio Game-Used "Sweater"

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