Monday, October 15, 2012

11-12 Rookie Anthology Box Break 2 and an Oversize Crosby

So box two started with a great deal of hype considering how much luck and success I had with my first box. However, there is something to be said about all good luck must come to an end. Here is my less than stellar second box.

11/12 Jason Spezza Luxury Suite
The bonus pack yielded a Luxury Suite card which is pretty cool if you ask me, however it is Jason Spezza who I have a serious surplus of! This one is up for trade!

11/12 Limited Brendan Smith Phenoms Silver /50
Likely the hit of the box is this card. Brendan Smith is a pretty decent prospect for the Red Wings, he had 7 points in 14 games on the Detroit blue-line and will have some pretty good ice time once this lockout is sorted out. 

11/12 Rookie Anthology Rookie Treasures Blake Geoffrion /499
My Montreal curse continues in this box as well, after landing Diaz and Palushaj, here is another Hab! Another one up for trade!

11/12 Rookie Anthology Rookie Rivalry x 2
 My box yielded two rookie rivalries instead of a Certified or other game used card. I am a little sad at this because of the fact the combos really mean nothing to me at all and I was really hopeful of another Certified rookie. These are both up for trade too!

In all, I still enjoyed opening the box and it gave me a few more base cards closer to the set, but as far as ratings go, this box was a failure compared to my first one which was tailor made for me. BTW, I just used my digital camera to scan these in because I really didn't feel like lugging them to my computer which has a scanner on it. Sorry for the glare :)

Around the time I busted this box, I opened my Toys R Us repack and here is the Crosby Gem I landed!

Nothing too special about it except that it books for more than any of the other cards listed above! I guess I wasn't so much unlucky as my luck was just in a different box than I hoped!


  1. Still a huge fan of Rookie Anthology, nice break! As usually I'm drooling over the Canucks hit, let me know if it needs a new home, I'm sure we can work something out! ;)