Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ryan Getzlaf Spx Rookie - This post is dedicated to Greg Z

Some days when I go to my LCS, I almost feel like I am going to the local pound. All these little orphans that need rescuing. I would love to take them all home with me, but sometimes they don't fit, sometimes I just can't afford to have them. However, when I can rescue the odd little cardboard fella, I feel like I am doing the world a justice. I am giving them a home where they can be loved and appreciated, or at the very least help find them a home where they can be loved and appreciated.

Well on one of my trips in this summer, I found this card sitting in the display case. It was priced to move and even though I already have a couple Getzlaf rookies, I didn't have this one and I didn't have his auto....

05-06 SPX Ryan Getzlaf Rookie /1499

I don't know if the collecting world will ever see another season like the 05-06 rookie crop, but if you look back now, there are some seriously great rookies to be had and with Sid and Ovi getting most of the attention, deals are to be had on the other rookies! If Getzlaf debuted a year earlier, he would have seen much more attention that he currently does and as a result, I think he rookies would be worth nearly double what they are! Anyway, I am not sure what I will do with this card in the long term (trade bait or keep), but I knew it couldn't stay in the display case priced the way it was. I am more than happy to have it and it is more than welcome at my home.


  1. That's an awesome card, and a perfect example of why it's tough being a Sidney Crosby collector.

  2. Hey Dave could you send me your shipping address to me email at bradparsons565(at) I want to send you something.