Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alex Delvecchio Parkhurst Champions Auto

As I alluded to in my previous post, I did chase a couple Alex Delvecchio autos and landed two of them. Here is the first of the two. The seller had a great buy it now price that I haggled a little with and made a nice lot purchase of it. So I got three autos for what I would have paid for just this card alone. I think I may like the art of negotiating as much as I enjoy the cards themselves.

This card is from the 11/12 Parkhurst Champions set. I never actually bought a pack of this stuff, but I lucked into one auto in a trade with Michael from Collecting for Kicks and then I bought the whole base set for about 15 bucks. I really do like the design of the cards and this auto looks pretty sharp. The photo looks great in colour and features Alex toward the end of his career and the C patch is on the right shoulder the way that Detroit likes it. I would like to track down a patch card featuring Alex someday, but I guess that will wait until I get a few other things off my want list!


  1. Great looking card. But all I see is that sweet vintage mask sticking around in the background.


  2. Agreed, I think that was the second thing I noticed about the card....after the auto.