Monday, October 29, 2012

Alex Delvecchio Rookie - 01/02 ITG Parkhurst Reprint and others

To complete my other homemade lot purchase, I landed a few cards from the 01-02 Parkhurst release which featured a number of reprints from over the years. All cards are standard size so small ones are blown up and large ones are shrunk. Here are the three I landed all for under 2 dollars a piece shipped:

Alex Delvecchio 51 Parkhurst reprint
An Alex rookie! I will own one some day, but in the meanwhile, this is a fun card and one that counts towards my PC a little bit. Even though I am focusing on playing era cards, this is a fun curiosity that I really wanted. My lone complaint is that they clearly scanned a card which was creased.....with all the money that card companies have, you think they could have rented a good one for a day or two while they were scanning the cards.

Milt Schmidt 52 Parkhurst 2nd year card reprint
I got this card for two reasons, one it is a pretty cool looking card with the clock and flags in the background and secondly, I think it would make a great TTM card.

Terry Sawchuk 51 Parkhurst Rookie reprint
Just a really cool card and the price was right too. If I am ever going to finish the 51 Parkies set I am going to need the original of this card too and the cost will certainly make my wife cringe, but of course it will be a deal compared to the Howe!

It was fun landing some of these cards especially because until recently I didn't even know about the 01-02 ITG Parkhurst Reprints. The set is 150 cards and all of them book for 5 bucks a piece. I would be curious to see if I could buy the whole set some day, but then again, going after the real things instead of reprints might be more fun.

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  1. It's kind of amazing that they could get a high-end Sawchuk but not a Delvecchio. I wonder if that's the only reprint that shows a crease?