Monday, October 22, 2012

eBay Homemade Hot Packs

When it comes to eBay homemade hot packs, I gave a couple a try and both sucked so bad I said I would NEVER do them again. Well funny thing about never is if you ever do it again you didn't really keep that promise. 

Well this past summer I bought a lot deal off a dealer which had 67 BAP autos for 24.99 SHIPPED! That wasn't the winning bid, that was the BUY IT NOW price. So needless to say, I always follow this guy's listings.

Anyway, he posted that he had homemade hot packs which guaranteed 5 hits and a BV of 75-150 dollars with some insert and rookie action as well. I know I didn't want to do it again, but considering how fair the guy was on the other deal I thought maybe it would be worth it. In the end, it cost about 11 bucks with shipping. Here is what I got for hits:

 Jarkko is a KHL superstar and an NHL bust. Hard to believe with only 20 NHL games I have a piece of one of his jerseys.

 Maid Marian.....I never liked him as a player despite all his talent.

Another Euro-Superstar with less than 80 NHL games.

Great start to his career in Chicago, and he should have never left. Instead he did leave and with it went his NHL career. Was in the ECHL last year and I am not sure if he is even at that level this year.

The best player in the lot, gotta respect Recchi.

I did get a lone auto, Peter Popovic. Peter Popovic is the Swedish translation of Brad Marsh.

In addition to these cards, I did get a few other rookies with corner dings and inserts from the mid-late 90's. In all, I think I got my money's worth, but certainly isn't anywhere near as good of a deal that I got for my 67 BAP autos. I think I am finally finished with these hot packs, but I guess I will never say never.


  1. Hot packs I can see being great if you have 100 bucks to spare but just buying one or two I've never been lucky :(

  2. I have been doing pretty good staying away from these. I used to get suckered in a lot. But now that you posted this, I feel the urge to buy again. Damn you Wax Stain Rookie.

    1. Well I don't know if that helps or hurts, but I felt that this was the only one where I "broke even". I did one a little while back and it was horrible. Super bad game used and insert cards I wouldn't have paid a penny for.

  3. I have tried the 'scam packs' twice.
    Both times were massive failures.

    1. I think that is pretty much the norm. Fact is these guys are on eBay and what they list is shit they can't sell on their own.