Sunday, July 25, 2010

A bright spot

Alright, I refuse to let this blog die so young. Been very busy, but then again who hasn't been.....Well I guess the Devils are one answer, been almost a week and still no word on a new contract for Kovy so I will focus on the good news from earlier this summer and that was the signing of David Clarkson. Here is a story of a kid who didn't grow up with the silver spoon players like Patrick Kane had and really used good old fashioned Canadian determination to make it to the show. He was never drafted and still managed to make the NHL and a name for himself. Now that he has a new contract I look forward to more seasons of Clarkson in the line up and I hope to buy a #23 jersey in the fall!

Here is the lowest print run Clarkson card I have (#'d to 25). Contact me if you have any lower I am always looking for Clarkie and would love to have a 1/1. (forestrydave at hotmail dot com)