Monday, October 8, 2012

Kevin Shattenkirk Auto

Kevin Shattenkirk is another example of a non-Canadian prospect playing for a small market American team. Add all those components together and you get a player who can put up some serious numbers in the NHL and can be found for dirt cheap when it comes to memorabilia cards and autos.

Back to back 43 points seasons for this 23 year old have meant some pretty high expectations, but playing in St. Louis means that he isn't answering 2 million questions for each puck he might turnover. As much as I would love to see him get the attention he deserves playing for a bigger market or Canadian team, it is nice to see him fly under the radar and put together an NHL career that might rival Mark Howe's offensive numbers.

10-11 Panini Limited Phenoms Kevin Shattenkirk /299

I picked this one up as a buy it now or best offer and the seller was super awesome and seemed to like negotiating! In the end I landed it for a great deal and I think he threw a couple random cards in with it!

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