Friday, October 5, 2012

11/12 UD Ultimate Pick-ups

I have some really cool post ideas that are both very personal and very meaningful to me, but it just seems that I have no time to do these posts justice so they keep getting put on the back burner. Fact is, they likely won't interest many of my casual readers or any of my readers for that matter, but as time has done by on this blog I am beginning to realize one thing. What I have realized is that not only am I doing this for personal fun, not only am I doing this to be a member of a really cool community, but I am also doing this for my children. 

I have a son who can't read or write (because he is two) and another one to join him in February and anything can happen to me at any time. If I died tomorrow, you might see another post or two on here but that would be it, and further more my story about life, collecting etc., would be over. My passion for collecting and love of hockey would be extinguished too and my children may never know how much I really enjoyed it or why certain cards were important. 

My blog, does give me that opportunity because "the internet is forever" and what I say or do can be  read in the future by them whether I am around or not. I think this new focus will allow me to share more meaningful posts to an audience I never knew I might family. I guess you can consider this a warning that my posts may get less interesting to you on occasion, or on occasion I will be more interesting....I guess it depends on what brought you to my site in the first place.

In the meantime, here is some 11/12 UD Ultimate cardboard!

11/12 Ultimate Signatures Brett Connolly
I am becoming a bigger collector of his by the day, here is a nice simple on-card auto of a future star in my opinion!

11/12 UD Ultimate Rookie Patches
Two rookie patches, three colours and numbered to an arbitrary 65. I love the card and it gives me some NJ swatches of one of our best prospects on the blue-line! The best part is both of these combined cost me less than a pack of Artifacts with shipping!


  1. Nice pick-ups! Sniping cheap singles is definitely the way to approach high-end sets like this as far as I'm concerned.

    By the way, thanks for your comment. I'd love to trade if you have any Champs yellow parallels, I'm sure I can dig up some cards for you!

  2. I think that's a great idea, I bring my personal life into a lot of my posts and although some don't care, I still do it...I'll definitely still be reading every word, keep it up!

  3. Write what you's your blog.

    Make it as personal as you want, there are plenty who will keep coming because it's you that is writing.

    Sweet Larsson by the way!

  4. Thanks a lot guys, and I guess this fits well with your post a little while back Robert. Thanks for the support!