Sunday, April 26, 2015

1964-65 Topps Tall Boys #109 - Pierre Pilote All-Star

The Tall Boy train continues with this one featuring HOF'er Pierre Pilote. Like my recent additions, this has it's characteristics. This one has a little paper loss on the front from being taped but it is crease free and in pretty great condition otherwise. Totally with the 5 bucks I spent on it.

1964-65 Topps Tall Boys #109 - Pierre Pilote All-Star
Very cool design, I like that they had All-Star cards in the set and the stars at the top and bottom are one of my favourite designs about the front.

Unlike the regular base cards, the All-Star cards have no cartoon and are all facts and info. 53 points in 70 games is/was very impressive especially when you consider Stan Mikita lead the league in scoring with 89 points. Pierre was not only a first team all-star but he also won the Norris that year.

Friday, April 24, 2015

1964-65 Topps Tall Boys #82 - Ted Lindsay

Tall Boy number two that was recently added was that of Peyton Manning HOF'er Ted Lindsay. This card would never have been created if not for a comeback after 4 years of being out of the game. He did come back just for the one season before retiring again for good. In case you were wondering, he managed to score 14 goals and 14 assists in 69 games which was higher than his previous season's totals.

1964-65 Topps Tall Boys #82 - Ted Lindsay
Like my checklist, this one has received much love in the form of touching. It may have also been dropped, kicked, hugged or even spent an afternoon in a pocket. Either way, it has creases which is why the 75 dollar card was very easily purchasable for 5 bucks.

Here is the backside and again you can see some drag marks across a rough surface like a floor or sandpaper. No stats because he missed the previous few seasons but a cool comic which all of these cards feature. Ted's second last season was in 59-60 with the Blackhawks which is why it says "he desired to finish career in a Red Wing uniform".

Thursday, April 23, 2015

1964-65 Topps "Tall Boys" #54 - Checklist

Here I go, much less time between posts! This card is one from the LCS. I stopped in one day with a pocket full of change and I spotted a number of Tall Boys. Using some recycling money and a few bucks I had in my wallet I was able to add 4 more tall boys to my collection. Originally I had just one, Jim Mikol rookie which I must say is in amazing shape compared to these but the latest additions all carry a bit more "book value".

The first of my pick-ups is the first checklist from the set.

1964-65 Topps "Tall Boys" #54 - Checklist
I actually love checklists, especially vintage ones. I have almost won one of the 66-67 Topps ones a couple of times but sadly still waiting on a victory there. But back in the day of course checklists were often checked so their value is often inflated due to the fact that unchecked ones are pretty scarce. This one is checked but despite its heavy use, it is pretty amazing still. Beautiful colour on the front and no creases!

Here is the backside. Again lots of checks, in fact I think they completed the Series 1 set by the looks of it and maybe had some issues finding card number 47. A little wear on the corners but other than that I just loved this card and had to have it.

Book price on this in great shape and sans-checkmarks is $300 and the second checklist is actually $450 because it is short printed. I thankfully bought it for pennies on the dollar due to all those horrible checkmarks which I personally like and feel it adds character. I don't think I would ever pay for an unchecked one but then again I supposed if I wanted to chase a mint version of this set I would need to consider that route. Still, it is a beautiful work of art that has been loved and will continue to be so. What are your thoughts on vintage checklists? Love/Hate? Do the checks bother you?

Friday, April 17, 2015

14-15 Trilogy Jonathan Drouin Rookie Premiere Blue Auto /225

Oh once upon a time I used to be such a consistent blogger. I have seem many of the great ones come and go and some even come back again. I really really hope that I don't go that way but at the same time life is just one of those things that will take what it wants from you and if time is short then you are left piecing what you have together. With the being said, I still am in the hobby and I am still getting from time to time but the sharing seems to have been the hardest part over the last 6 months. I realized that often I am a little too ambitious and that is getting in the way of production. I am thinking maybe trying to make them short and sweet will not only help me but also just keep me relevant in the wonderful world of sports card blogging.

So as Prince once said. "No I ain't dead yet but, uh, how about you?" here is what will hopefully be a rejuvenation!

14-15 Trilogy Jonathan Drouin Rookie Premiere Blue Auto /225
This card is one I have wanted before the season started. Ok, maybe not this particular card but I told myself no boxes or blasters will be purchased until I had a Drouin auto rookie and this one definitely fit the bill better than I could have hoped. These cards are beautiful and my 4 year old walking by stopped in his tracks and asked to see it. He loved the colours this thing has and it nearly is his favourite card. His actual favourite is the 91-92 Pro Set 75th Anniversary Hologram.

As some of you know, I am a bit of a Lightning fan thanks to Brett Connolly and even though he is gone I will still be cheering for them out of the East and Chicago out of the West. Here is hoping I have someone left at dance come June!

Thanks for your patience fellow collectors and readers. I am hoping (no promises) to get back on the proverbial horse! In the meantime, here is some more Prince!