Sunday, October 28, 2012

Karl Alzner OPC Signatures

My next two posts are about another lot deal I made, this time with a dealer in my back yard. It is tough to drive out his way sometime and I noticed he had a bunch of cards listed on eBay. I put my min bids in on a few items and I walked away with 4 swell cards. One was an auto and the other three are insert cards.

Here is the auto.

This card is from the 12/13 OPC set and is a Karl Alzner auto card. As I mentioned in a post before, I am a pretty big fan of this guy and I really wanted an auto of his in my collection. However, so did someone else and it cost me that Artifacts auto to help land this card. So, my collection was Alzner-less and I fixed that for  a price I felt was really fair. Even though I think the auto on the Artifacts card was nicer, I actually like this card a little more than the Artifacts card because it feature an action shot and the layout of the card is one I find pretty attractive. I might be keeping an eye out for more of these signature cards if the prices are right.

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  1. Alzner has a really neat AUTO, plus I really like the look of the OPC Signatures for some reason.