Thursday, August 2, 2012

Stephen Weiss Auto

When the Devils drew the Panthers in the first round of the playoffs I was very happy. Well, as we all know, that series went to 7 games and the Panthers almost knocked the Devils off.  What is nice about a long 7 game series is you learn lots about your team as well as the team you are playing. Stephen Weiss is a player I knew about going into the series and I always felt he was a bit of an underachiever. I mean, he was a former 4th overall pick. However, in addition to providing a couple 20 goal 60 point seasons over the past few years, he actually plays a great two-way game and can step up his play when needed. I felt he was one of the better players on either team during that series and I have a new found respect for him. That is why I went out and found a pretty cool auto of him.  

03-04 Topps C55
Sorry for the poor scan, but for those that don't know, the card is a card within a card. The greyish blue layer encloses a small C55 style card with a plastic covering keeping them together. Combine that with a penny sleeve and a toploader and your scanning ends up like crap.

However, I really do like the card and the auto is pretty neat. There isn't much exciting on the back, a small hologram with a number and a note of authenticity. Just a cool card from a set that I knew nothing about.


  1. Thats a really nice AUTO set I've never seen before, thanks for sharing

  2. I like those but something about them makes me want to set them free.

  3. Very cool, had never seen one of these before.

  4. I agree totally DFG, an exacto knife would set that little guy free! I have been tempted to buy a box of this stuff, but they usually sell for 80 bucks when I see them.