Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random Box Extras

Well it appears I got far more than I bargained for when I bought those random boxes a few weeks back. The last two boxes I bought for myself were both 76-77 OPC boxes, but the second of these two boxes also had some 74-75 OPC as well as a bunch of other stuff. Included in that stuff was a pile of checklists from the 70's up to the 90's in various conditions. I will save that for another day, but here was some of the highlights from the other "stuff".

74-75 OPC Bruins Team Leader #28
 Wow, a Bobby Orr card from his playing days. I only have a couple from his playing days and I just got myself another I didn't have. Though it is a team leaders card, this card is pretty cool. Bobby looks happy and so does Phil. Can you blame them? 145 points and 68 goals were both tops in the NHL. Orr's 90 assists were also a league high.

As you can see, the card isn't close to mint, but then again I wasn't expecting this card at all so as far as I am concerned, it was free!

75-76 OPC Ken Dryden #35
 This card is rough! It looks like it spent the night in my pocket while I was out with the boys! In fact, my cards from 1910 are in far better shape than Mr. Dryden. But, it is a Ken Dryden card!!!!

Here is the back side, you can read the text, I guess that is saying something. Still, another nice surprise.

74-75 OPC WHA Jacques Plante #64
 Jacques Plante!

Another beat up card, but this represents the ONLY active Jacques Plante card in my collection. If you can believe it, I actually have all three of these cards in top loaders because I just like them all so much. I am sure they can't get in any worse condition, but there is just something extra special about finding freebees in a box that has yielded so much already.

As far as value goes, they are all worthless, but if you were lucky to have these in decent condition, they are relatively valuable cards. To me, these cards are priceless and I would never give these cards away because they are just too cool. Do you have any beat up cards that you treasure more than a mint condition card?

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