Friday, August 10, 2012

11-12 Elite Blaster Break and Review

11-12 Elite was released to relatively little fan fare and really I haven't seen too many bloggers busting this stuff so there must be something wrong with it right? Well the price point is a little high for my taste considering what you get, 110 bucks a box for 3-4 hits. I was able to buy a blaster 1/4 of a box for 25 bucks, so I felt the risk was minor considering how much money was invested in the break and I was guaranteed one hit.

Base cards
The base cards are nice, they feature a silver foil and are very shiny! The layout is nice and simplistic. The photos are very nice and work well with the design.

 The back sides of the cards feature a decent sized write-up and stats. Also a small photo which was taken from the front of the card.


Game used
 Each box should have had an auto or a game used. I ended up with a game used card of Matt Duchene. The swatch is a nice size and the card is pretty nice in design.

Inserts and Rookies
 Part of the release was 6 different inserts sets of various stars including Ovechkin. I ended up with card number 4 of the 6 in the Ovechkin series.

 I also got myself a die-cut M-A Fleury Aspirations card. This card isn't numbered, but are limited to 3 per hobby box, so getting one in a blaster is pretty decent.

I also landed myself a rookie which are seeded 2 per hobby box (plus one auto), so again I beat the odds a little bit by getting this in addition to my other inserts. Scott Timmins isn't much of a household name, but if he sticks around in Florida he could be an regular 3rd or 4th line center.

Well there you have it, my 5 pack blaster in all its glory. I am glad I busted it, certainly was neat to see another product but I don't think I will be shelling out 110 for a hobby box. However, if Panini were to release this product next season, they should look at the 60-80 dollar price point for the same quality. I believe that they missed the mark on price, but nailed everything else. The cards are pretty nice in person and the inserts and rookies make this set a decent product, but I don't think the set is in the same calibre as Certified, but I believe this set can compete if the price was dropped.

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