Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A good old fashion swap with Cardboard Conundrum

Matt from Cardboard Conundrum is a guy I have been hoping to make a swap with for a while because it seemed that he was stock piling cards I wanted. Finally the deal was struck and in the end I think both sides were pretty happy. Here is a look at the loot!

11/12 Limited Adam Henrique /299
 These phenoms cards are surprising nice. I though they were pretty dumb last year and avoided them like an STI, but seeing this seasons upclose, I am quite taken by them. The auto bleeds a little on the fabric, that is the only thing I am not sure about liking. The matted look and the large signatures are good features of these cards.

11/12 Limited Adam Larsson /299
 The other Adam. I didn't have any of his autos yet, so this was a must. I only wish he signed his auto with his number. Some of his other cards do have it, but it isn't something he does very often.

11/12 Limited Brett Connolly /299
 I love this kid when he played for team Canada at the WJHC. I think he had a Stamkos like rookie season, and I expect he will only improve. Don't be surprised if he turns into a 30-35 goal guy in the next two seasons. I want to thank Matt for not raping me on this trade because this card is worth thousands!!! It is a TRUE EBAY 1/1 as it is numbered 14/299. Ok, I know the joke is getting old, but I gotta take it when I can.

 10-11 ITG Decades Mark Howe Auto
 HOF and Son of Gordie. He could never match his WHA numbers when he joined the NHL, but then again who expected him to. Just an all-round dependable All-Star defenseman and his auto was a must have for me.

10-11 ITG Decades Harold Snepsts Auto
 Cool auto and a likeable player!

10-11 ITG Decades Anton Stastny
I am a big fan of the Stastny family. Anton joined the NHL at the same time as his brother Peter. Marian would follow a year later and for a few seasons all three brothers played in Quebec. In 1980-81 Peter Stastny would set the NHL record for most points by a rookie with 109. Also that season, Peter and Anton would score the same number of goals 39, which was tops for rookies that season.

I don't know if I have ever seen a more creative auto than Anton's, but I can at least make out he put his number 20 on there too!

So there you have it, 6 awesome cards from Matt plus he also sent some 11-12 Certified base cards for my set. Thanks a million buddy, I look forward to our next trade!

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  1. Nice trade! Me and Matt have just completed a trade too!