Monday, August 20, 2012

Stan Mikita Game Used

When I got back into collecting a five years ago, "jersey cards" were something I thought was amazing and I was totally enamored with them. Now that my collection is littered with this cards, I still like them, but I am getting more picky about them. The price needs to be right, or they need to be cool, unique or matter to me. At my local card shop, I found a card that was priced right ( 3 bucks), was hella cool and mattered a fair bit. 

11-12 Panini Limited Retired Numbers Stan Mikita /99

Here is the front. First off, he is a legend. This card is classy looking and the swatch (albeit white) is large and you can tell it is old.

When you look at the back, you see it is numbered out of 99 which is a decent print run and the swatch is actually GAME USED. This means the jersey piece is at least as old as I am. This is just a cool card for a cool price. I really wish more of these cards were around because I would snap them up all day long. As much as getting ANOTHER Jason Allison game used jersey is cool, swatches of Steve Shutt, Stan Mikita or Marcel Dionne are far more interesting to a collector like myself.

Besides, how many of you are thinking Donuts when you hear Stan Mikita? I know I do! Party Time! Excellent!