Friday, July 27, 2012

Glenn Anderson Rookie

Since I only own the Topps version of this set, that means I have a few key rookies missing from this year and Glenn was one of them. In fact, there are quite a few Oiler rookies that didn't end up in the Topps set but were in the larger OPC release. Love this set, so this rookie was a must have. The LCS had this card priced right for its condition and I snapped it up.

Glenn scored 498 goals and 1099 points in his NHL career. He actually joked once on the show Off The Record that he should come back for those two missing goals but of course that never happened. I doubt he would have scored that many if he spent his whole career in Toronto, but he was a talent nonetheless. Another great card from one of my favourite sets of all-time.


  1. Nice card. He was a Blue for a while too. I really like the 81/82 set. One of my favourite as well.

  2. Anderson will never be forgiven for being the imbecile in the penalty box (on one of the dumbest boarding penalties ever committed) when Gretzky scored the Game 6 OT winner (after Kerry Fraser decided high sticks don't count in OT).

    That said, nice card! :D

  3. And to top it off? The numeric portion of the security check?


    Life mocks the Leafer. Tsk.