Saturday, August 18, 2012

Group break goodness - Thanks again Matt

Matt from Cardboard Conundrum had a pretty cool break a little while back featuring two boxes of Luxury Suite. I am really excited to enter because it was a product I haven't bought before and the buy in price for two boxes and the team of your choice plus a few random teams was really good.

I lucked out and ended up with the best hit of the box with this Linus Omark Rookie Gold Version /10. 

Anaheim, Columbus and Vancouver were my other teams and I lucked out with hits from two of those teams.
Bobby Ryan/Saku Koivu is a nice hit and a Nick Holden rookie round out what I ended up with from the break. In all, I definitely got my money's worth and Matt was really cool helping out those who didn't get hits with cards from his own collection. Thanks again Matt, and I look forward to future breaks.


  1. That is a disgustingly sick Omark patch AUTO. Nice!

  2. Thanks Michael, there were a few fist pumps here when I saw the video break!