Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brian Leetch Patch

Five bucks certainly can buy a lot of different things when it comes to hockey cards, but most of those things are pretty crappy. You can buy low or mid-low packs (and maybe get lucky), you can usually buy an auto of a relatively unknown player or if you are lucky snag a good eBay deal. However, if you factor in the cost of shipping, your eBay options are more limited.

I was at my local card shop the other day and the boys there took really good care of me. I found a card that was screaming to be taken home. The guys there said, give me 5 for it and it is yours.

10-11 Ultimate Ultimate Patches Brian Leetch /35

Look at those swatches. I don't imagine there are two better ones on any of the other 34 cards made. The Rangers really don't have much in the way of emblems so this is likely the best they could possibly assemble. This card is easily one of the better patch cards in my collection.

Of course, I know this is a Ranger card and they are the sworn enemies of any Devils fan, but at the same time it is Brian Leetch, a HOF defenseman and NHL record holder (most goals by a rookie D-man). I really respect his career and his talent and to land this card for 5 bucks (no strings) is a pretty sweet deal. Another great reason to keep supporting your LCS!


  1. WOW!!! I would have plopped down a 5 for that any day, nice grab.

  2. Awesome card! I would have paid double that!

  3. Five bucks!! You over paid by at least a nickel. Just kidding. That card is beautiful.