Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Josh Bailey Auto

I need to confess something, I really haven't been sending many TTM letters of late. It isn't because I don't want to, but the time it takes to write a letter (40 min + for me) and the lack of young kids that seem to sign today (0 returns from a few requests in Edmonton, Ottawa and Montreal) I feel that my time is almost better spent on snatching up deals.

This auto is from a young "prospect", but I have a feeling if Josh Bailey doesn't start up the offensive machine he could be labelled as an underachieving 3rd line centre. In Josh's defense, he has never really been an offensive stud, since 2005 he really has only had one year you would call offensively strong. His 96 point performance in the OHL prompted the Islanders to select him 9th overall. In the years since his draft, he has played 4 NHL seasons and has never scored more than 35 points. He did spent a small amount of time in the AHL where he had 17 points in 11 games, but as far as points go in the NHL they are appearing to be a little more hard to come by.

True, the Islanders are rebuilding and more talent is arriving each year, but eventually his ice time will drop off and either he will be part of the future, or a member of the past. I am optimistic that he is just a late bloomer and the 60 point seasons are just around the corner, time till tell.

10/11 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Josh Bailey

A common staple in SP Authentic is their SOTT autos. They are nice on the card autos and this one is no different signed in blue sharpie. I love the design and the nice large signature, almost hard to image a TTM turning out better than this. The card was about 3 dollars shipped which as far as TTM requests go, it would be about a dollar more than it would have costed to write him. As scarce as time is the past 7 months, I guess my 45 minutes was worth the dollar!

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