Monday, August 13, 2012

David Clarkson PC - Pickups

Oh the life of a collector, so many things so little time. In spite of all my other additions, I am always looking for more Clarkson rookie and auto stuff. Here are two little additions that I landed for reasonable prices given their scarcity and competition (turns out I am not the only Clarkson collector out there).

07-08 SP Game Used David Clarkson Spectrum Rookie /25
 I am not a huge fan of the design, but I really do like the spectrum versions of these rookies. Just a nice looking card!

07-08 Hot Prospects Red Hot Prized Prospects David Clarkson /100
Another Parallel rookie. Much like the one above, I don't care for the design much, but in both cases I didn't have the base version of the rookie so these count as double for me. I likely won't chase any more from either of these sets now that I have these two. I am still on the hunt for an Exclusives or High Gloss Young Gun.

With the season about a month and a half away, the Devils have done very little. The Bobby Butler signing was really nice and I am glad they did it, but without rookies stepping up and Clarkson pumping another 30 in the net, it could be a long season. I am optimistic, but of course, anything is possible.

This card certainly has a little more meaning to me know, I love when you land cards that you like and then the player ends up on your team after the fact!

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