Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Andy Moog Rookie

File this card under the heading "Childhood wishes". Much like the MacInnis rookie I grabbed a while back, this card for some reason was one I always wanted as a kid. Unlike the MacInnis, I did see this card around a bit as a kid, but never saw one in decent condition or for a price I would pay.  Luck should have it, both factors came together and I snapped it up for under a sawbuck shipped.

81-82 OPC Andy Moog Rookie
This card is another case of an Oiler rookie being missed by Topps. The card is in awesome shape, and Andy Moog was one of those goalies from the 80's and early 90's that never seemed to lose much. From 82-86, he only lost 34 games in those 4 seasons. Even for his career for as long as it was, he only lost 209 games which is impressive considering he played 713 games. Just for comparison, Luongo has already lost 283 games and Lundqvist 155.

During my undergrad degree, I met an Australian exchange student ( I called him Ziggy) who learned everything he knew about hockey thanks to NHL 96. His favourite player was Andy Moog (and team Dallas), and when we first met and were talking about hockey, the first question he asked me was if Andy Moog was any good? I told him, that he had been quite good in the 80's and I really respected him as a player. Funny how cards remind you of things that have nothing to do with collecting, as I write this, that is probably the first time I thought of Ziggy in a few years.....


  1. That was such a great set. After 1980-81, which was really pretty dull, this set was a revelation.

  2. Great post Dave. It's great how a piece of cardboard can conjure such memories.

  3. @1967ers, I completely agree! Personally I think it might be the best from the decade.

    @Brad, thanks! I have lots of great memories thanks to collecting and a few of my favourite cards have little second meanings.