Tuesday, August 28, 2012

70-71 Esso Power Players - Alex Delvecchio

Well the summer has just about drawn to close for me and my summer of collecting certainly has been the best I have ever known. I still have many more posts to share and hopefully I will be caught up by Christmas. I am glad to have this problem :)

Here is a new addition for my Alex Delvecchio PC. This is a stamp from the 70-71 Esso Power Players set. The set features an amazing 252 stamps of NHL players ranging from Orr to Ab McDonald. The book value on the set is 250 dollars with the Orr booking for 25 bucks. My LCS has a few from this set including Orr which they are asking 40 on it. I left with just the Delvecchio and it set me back 2.50, 50 cents above book but totally worth it!

As you can see he is in the twilight of his career with the grey hair. There is nothing on the backs of the stamps (of course) but the front is designed in a way that almost speaks for itself. The stamps measure 1.5" by 2" and apparently you got the stamps in sheets of 6 for free when you bought $3 worth of Esso gas. Back in the day that might have been a fair bit of gas, but today that might get you a little more than 2 litres where I live. There was also a soft and a hard cover album which currently book for 15 and 50 respectively.

I don't think I will chase this set, but having the Delvecchio for my PC was a must!

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  1. Such an amazing set, and again, the only action shots you could get that year.