Sunday, August 12, 2012

53-54 Parkhurst - Jack Stoddard

Here is the 11th card in my quest for the 53-54 Parkhurst set. Without a doubt, this is the nicest card condition wise to date. Slight rounding on the corners and that is all. The surface is amazing, nice gloss and no indentations or bumps. I almost wondered if this card was a reprint.

However, when you look at the back, the paper is aged nicely and it is clearly original.

53-54 Parkhurst #60 Jack Stoddard

Not much to say about Jack. He only spent two seasons in the NHL and one of those seasons was a short 20 game stint before the one mentioned on the back of the card. He would post some decent AHL numbers, but he NHL time was brief to say the least.

I am not sure why he didn't get much of a shot, his 25 points in 52-53 was pretty decent by standards back in the day and he scored 30+ goals twice in the AHL before his NHL debut. I guess it was just that tough to make it in the big leagues back in the Original 6.

This card certainly is a GEM in my eyes and it is nice that some of my cards in this set won't be in rough condition.


  1. From Stoney Creek - that would have been a pretty small place back then.

    Such a nice set.

  2. Jack Stoddard passed away Jan 29 2014 in Owen Sound On