Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes there are cards you NEED to have - Trade with Chris from Confessions of a Hockey Card Addict

Sometimes there are cards you NEED to own. Well a while back, Chris from Confessions of a Hockey Card Addict posted a pretty cool break. From a blaster box of 11/12 Certified he pulled a really sweet Tyler Seguin auto swatch. The swatch was a beautiful seam piece and the card was numbered to /25.

I needed this card, I wanted this card, I had to have it. While at a local swap meet, I saw a really nice UD MVP 2 on 2 Ovechkin card with a nice 2 colour Ovechkin swatch. I knew I had to pick it up because it would make the perfect trade bait. I sent my trade request to Chris, who has been extremely busy lately and still found time to hammer out a trade.

In the end, I sent a pile of cards to go after this baby, but it was TOTALLY worth it.

The foil board shimmers on top of my "mantle" and the swatch is likely from a rookie year jersey. The auto isn't as nice as my TTM one, but I still love it like a family member anyway (maybe a niece or nephew kinda love).

There you have it, I gave into my desire and paid much more in terms of BV, but the cards I sent were worth the card I received and then some. Also, Chris being the great guy he is, also sent a cool stack of fun Devils cards and a Matt Taormina SP Authentic rookie. I just hope Chris is enjoying his cards as much as I!

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  1. That is one beautiful card! I hope the B's can pull off the win tonight!