Saturday, April 14, 2012

ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 8th Edition

While I am catching up on posts, here is a little gem I picked up with some Christmas cash (a little late I know). Having picked up my first Kovy auto thanks to a trade with Casey from Drop The Gloves!, I was hoping to land a second one and here is what I ended up with.

For starters, the dealer wasn't a douche like some might be. If you notice, this card is numbered 17/30. Some dealers would call this a "1/1" or a "player number mojo hit" or some crap like that. This dealer just posted a nice respectable ad on ebay and for less than 10 bucks plus shipping, I have my second Kovy auto.

This like other ITG Ultimate cards came in its own ITG case which presents good and bad things. I like that design and the special serial numbering, but of course I don't like that once this baby picks up some scratches, you are more or less stuck with them in a "foggy" case. This card was shipped with a plastic sleeve over top of it which I have kept for storage-sake but I can see some people running into issues with scratched up cases on some pretty nice cards.

Do any of you have ITG Ultimate Memorabilia cards? Have you ever bought a pack or box of this stuff? At about 200 a pack, I haven't chanced it yet mainly because singles can be found for 10-20 bucks a piece which means you can buy the contents of a 200 dollar pack for about 30-60 bucks. That scares me a bit, but then again I am sometimes a coward with my cash....

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  1. My dream is to rip a pack of that stuff...very nice pickup for 10 bucks. I just don't like the case cuz I'm kind a weird and like felling the texture of the GU swatch when I pull it...maybe it's just me...something about touching the jersey of an NHL' me chills