Tuesday, April 17, 2012

11/12 ITG Captain - C Box Break

At long last, my box of Captain - C arrived at my LCS. I went in and picked it up immediately and that night I got down to the brass tacks and ripped this baby. The box boasts 10 cards, 5 base and 5 hits. Of the base cards, you get 3 regular at a print run of 150 copies and 1 gold card with a print run of 50. After that you get three hits and from other breaks I notice it is usually 2 autos and 3 game-used.

Upon opening my box, I can see the cards are lying flat because of the cards is bulging which I thought was a pretty good sign. On the top of the pack was Sprague Cleghorn's ghostly face. It looks like he is trying to challenge me possibly, well Sprague, here we go!

(These are in order from top to bottom of the pack)

Sprague Cleghorn Base /150

I love the look of the cards. A nice classy foil look and simple photo of the player's face and shoulders. No emblems allowed here, but sometimes you do catch a peak of a captain's crest.

Back side

Most breaks I have seen neglect the back, but we all know I love back-sides, so here it is for your viewing pleasure! Simple all text and no foil or holograms.

Ted Kennedy Base /150

Not THE Ted Kennedy, but rather 1954-55 Hart Trophy winner Ted Kennedy. Solid career which was entirely with the Leafs and included 5 Stanley Cups. Teeder also lead the league in assists once.

David Backes Base /150

Happy to get this one. Over the years I have become a bit of a Backes fan. I need to get a letter of to him before the post-season is over!

Zdeno Chara Base Gold /50

Wasn't too excited to pull this one, certainly is up for trade.

Shea Weber Base /150

I wonder what Shea thinks of "Webering"? Funniest thing I have seen in a long time!

Now time for the hits!

Ed Van Impe Auto


Kirk Muller Auto

Well Kirk, it looks like I win! Kirk stood me up for a TTM request despite my Devils fan status and after more than a year, I am a little bitter. Well, I guess I get the last laugh Kirk as I got your stinking autograph anyway! I likely would have enjoyed the Lemieux Sweepstakes Second Place Prize more if he would have signed for me. Nevertheless, I was a fan of his as a kid and getting the auto is a little bitter-sweet.

At this point, the box has been a bit of a dud. But, things get a little better, after all there is that bulge to look forward too....

Denis Savard Game Used Silver /90

The swatch is a beautiful red and a pretty good size too. Not a bad start for the final three cards.

Franchise Captains Barber-Clarke-Tocchet Gold /10

Wow (for real this time). Two really nice seam pieces that just explode out of the card. Tocchet's is a simple black piece but the Clarke and Barber ones are amazing. This is the hit of the box by far! Numbered to 10 is a great added touch and value. I hope to possibly trade this to a Flyers or Clarke fan.

Ryan Murray Junior Captains Silver /50

This hit is going to make this box a decent or a great box. Ryan is projected to go top three in this year's draft and this card could become a little more desirable as a result. A nice finish to a bad start really!

Well there you have it, after a few weeks of waiting, this box took about 2 minutes to open. You have to love hockey cards, after all where else can you spend 100+ bucks and get 2 minutes of enjoyment?(don't answer that, this is a family website)

My wife asked me if it was a dud or a good one and after a moment I decided it was a break-even box for me. I feel that I did get value for my money, but apart from the game-used portion I wasn't too jacked about this box.

As for as availability, I would like to keep one base card (Backes) and I will likely keep the Muller and everything else is up for trade if they interest you.


  1. I have the gold version of Backes if you're interested.

  2. Nice box everybody seems to love the product so ITG is doing something right. I just can't wait to get a hold of BTP this year...it's making me crazy just thinking about it!!

  3. Ok now I have seen three bad breaks and one decent one (yours being the decent one). I love the way they look but I'm still on the fence.

    Ahhh, who am I kidding. I'm going to order one now.

    1. Here's the one I opened, which is another good one to make you feel better about buying a box.


  4. Thanks guys, Matt I am interested in the Backes, send me an email.

    DFG, the more bad breaks you see, the better the odds for your box! Go ahead and rip away, I am sure you will do fine.

    1. Sure things. Where can I find your e-mail address?

  5. i am interested in the triple flyers jersey. send me a call. 905-450-4387

    1. I will give you a shout on the weekend. I lost my voice and calling right now wouldn't accomplish much. Feel free to email me at the above address if you want contact me sooner.