Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another victim of generosity from Drop the Gloves!

The same day I received my package full of awesome extras from Chris at Confessions of a Hockey Card Addict, I received a second package from Drop the Gloves!

If you are a reader of sports cards blogs, then you will no doubt know about the website Drop the Gloves!. Casey who runs that blog has always been running contests and helping out fellow collectors for as long as I have been blogging and much longer I am sure. I have been lucky enough and I mean lucky to have had a trade or two with him and each time you are always treated to wonderful extras and he is just an all-round giving guy who appears to "live to give". I always feel bad because I am sure the debits and credits between us aren't balanced and I don't know if I will ever catch up.

Anyway, the other day he was giving away a few hits from some of his packs and I chimed in I wouldn't mind the Roman Horak "photo shoot used" card. I love rookies and I love memorabilia cards so those two together always have me, plus at free I am just that much more of a sucker!

So a few weeks later, I get a parcel like a few of my fellow collectors have!

 Here is the Horak card. A decent prospect with the Flames, but certainly has some more development ahead of him. 11 points this season in 61 games is a far cry from his point a game pace in junior.

In addition to this card was a large pile of Devils extras! Here are a small sample of some of the awesome goodies:

Scott Clemmensen Rookie

Clemmer was great in his years for the Devils. When called upon he was always reliable. I just hope he isn't on his game tonight. Devils need all the help they can get.
Love this card! Normally I don't go too crazy for base cards, but just a cool card and since I never bought a pack/box of this stuff, I don't think I would have ever had a chance at getting one.
Another base card, another gem. Same reasons as above, love that Casey sent this one my way.
Josefson OPC rookies x 2! Much better than just one!
Seeing double? One is actually much thicker than the other. The one on the right was designed to be a decoy card and it is neat to see them both together. I never knew Bowman did this and to be honest it isn't a bad idea!
One of my favourites of the stack was this little beauty. The Nufex looks nice on the rookies and Henrique is going to be a pretty decent Centre for us for many years. I figure him to have Zajac potential so don't be too surprised to see many 20-50-70 seasons from this guy!
Wow WOw WOW!
Travis Zajac rookie, yep I needed this one!

Thank you Casey so very much! I absolutely love everything you sent. In fact, it is gestures like this that which make me very thankful to be apart of one of the coolest communities and a chance to interact with some of the nicest people. Over the past two years I have had many trades, commments and emails with other bloggers and I have grown to trust and appreciate each and everyone of you. I certainly wished I started doing this sooner, but at the same time the community is continually growing so to be a part of it at anytime is certainly awesome.

I look forward to more trades and more discussions and more posts with everyone, so please keep up the good work fellow bloggers and I hope that everyone lands that hit they are chasing for!

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