Monday, April 16, 2012

Recent TTM Successes

Been a pretty slow month for autos, but I did get a few. Here are some of the successes I have had recently which I have been posting up on Dirty

Tyler Seguin
This kid had a great start to the year, and even though he cooled off towards the end, he certainly showed what he can do this year. I expect the growth to continue and he will be a solid 80-100 point kid in the future.

Carey Price

Around the same time everyone else was getting their autos, I was getting somebody else's auto. I had mailed away a really nice Ovation rookie and got back a cruddy OPC rookie. At least it was signed which is a success, but my hope was to have it on a nice rookie card instead. Win some, lose some.

Keith Yandle

Keith was kind enough to sign both cards I sent him. Love the auto and he actually took my cards on a trip because he mailed them from Phoenix, and I had mailed them to him in another state.

Johan Hedberg

Awesome back-up goalie for the Devils and an even better signer! He signed all three cards I sent, and this one is by far my favourite!

Thomas Vanek

Been a fan of him for a while! Vanek had a tough second half of the year, I can't help but think he was fighting through some injuries or something. I hope to see him back in 40 goal form soon. Thomas personalized one card I send and signed this Top Guns card as well! I love the personalized ones.


  1. nice! Did you send them to the teams? I didn't think Boston forwarded the fanmail to the actual players....

  2. Yeah, the Seguin one I did send c/o the Bruins.

  3. Nice Seguin return. Always nice to receive something from Price as well. Great TTM returns overall.

  4. Did you send Vanek to te sabres or his home