Saturday, April 21, 2012

94/95 Be A Player Auto Lot

94/95 Be A Player come out just as I was getting out of collecting hockey cards. With that being said, I do remember this product on the shelf and I remember the insane 20 bucks a pack they were going for in my LCS at the time. 

Sure you get an auto in every pack, sure there were some super rare and valuable autos, but fact is you likely were going to pull crap before stars 9.5/10 times. 

The cards were also damn ugly, look at them! They look like a collage thrown together by a 5 year old or some creepy chain-letter guy who made them in their basement between episodes of Dr Who. Either way, I never really liked them much and the on-card autos are often lost in the mess of shapes and patterns.

What complicated things further was a lack of an NHL license which meant that the players were often featured off the ice or wearing NHLPA uniforms.

With that being said, there was a lot of 9 autos up on eBay a while back and a 9 dollar bid brought them to me, which was a little steep but a HOF auto was in the mix along with some other quality players I remember from my childhood. Sorry about the bad scans, but trust me, they don't look any better in person!

Glen Featherstone
Glen was a tough stay at home defenseman who had a career high 20 points and 200 minutes in 90-91 with the Blues.

Dave Poulin
Dave was a former Selke and Clancy award winner. He had a couple 30 goal seasons and was a two-time All-Star. He also was born in the wonderful city of Timmins which has been home to a few NHL'ers such as Steve Sullivan and the Mahovlichs. Currently, Dave is VP of Operations for the Leafs.

Nick Kypreos
Nick won the Stanley Cup as a member of the New York Rangers in 93/94. He received his ring despite only playing in 3 of those games. What else did he do that post-season? Here is photographic evidence of what he brought to the table!

Kirk Maltby
Kirk was a solid checking winger who did what had to be done! A couple rings to show for his hard work too! Red Wings have kept him in the fold as a pro-scout.

Luc Robitaille
Most prolific scoring Left Winger in NHL history. 668 career goals including 8 straight 40+ goal seasons. Glad to have my first Lucky Luc auto. Didn't want to send a TTM his way as he has been on some hard times lately and I think that would have been insensitive.

Derek King
Former 40 goal man and current assistant coach of the Toronto Marlies. Just another nice auto in the lot!

Ted Drury 
Hey a Drury auto! Oh wait, its Ted. Wish it was Chris, but then again Ted has scored one more NHL playoff goal than I have so I guess he is alright.

Fredrik Olausson
Freddy was a pretty solid NHL defenseman who did put up some decent offensive numbers in the late 80's and early 90's. Maybe his best season being in 91/92 where he had 20 goals and 62 points. He did win a Cup in 2002 with the Red Wings and is an assistant coach right now with HV71.

Kris Draper
Kris will always be remembered by me for his World Junior Hockey contributions (he won gold in 90 and 91), but many people also will recognize that he was one hell of a checking centre who had 4 Cup rings and a Selke Trophy. Draper has also won a World Hockey Championship and a World Cup of Hockey. Kris retired this past summer and is currently working as the Special Assistant to the GM for the Red Wings.

Nice autos and ugly cards, that is pretty much what 94/95 Be A Player has to offer. I don't ever see myself going after any remaining unopened boxes, but if another auction should offer a good deal like this....anything can happen!


  1. I never bought packs of the 94/95 stuff... but I busted a ton the 95/96 stuff, chasing the die cuts and of course the Gretzky.

    I've picked up a few of these cards through "lot" purchases... and love the ones that the players signed in gold sharpie (my Damphousse was signed like that). Also thought it was unique to see hockey players on the golf course.

    Nice pickup... especially with Draper and Luc.

  2. Thanks Fuji, I have never seen the gold sharpie ones yet but I will have to keep an eye out for them.

  3. I don't have access to my personal copy, but here's one I found on COMC:

  4. The gold sharpie certainly stands out better on the card! Shame more players didn't do that.