Monday, April 23, 2012

Making a BAP lot purchase....better.

So another BAP lot purchase found its way to my house. This lot was a little small being 4 cards but the price was also small and doing the math I couldn't TTM these guys for this price so I snapped them up. What made this lot awesome, was all the players were good, and I have been really wanting a Rod Brind'Amour auto for my collection. So here they are:

Ryan Callahan
 Being a Devils fan, I am not supposed to like this guy! However, he is a pretty decent leader and his growth over the last few seasons has been hard to ignore. He is the current captain of the Rangers and he is going to need to step up his game tonight if the Rangers want to remain a playoff team.
Rod Brind'Amour
 Rod was an awesome player whose career spanned 3 decades. He could do just about anything at both ends of the ice and he the face to prove it! He had 12 seasons with more than 20 goals and he finished with 1184 career points and 452 of those points were goals. He also won two Selkes as the leagues best two-way forward. Currently he is an assistant coach with the Hurricanes.
Dan Boyle 
 Here is the first of two Boyle autos. This one is from 06-07 BAP.
Dan Boyle 
 Here is the second Boyle auto. This one is from the 09/10 BAP set and Dan is featured on his current team. Having two Boyles isn't that important to me and I would certainly let one of these go in a trade.

So that was what was included in the lot. However, I sometime like to see what else a person is selling, especially if they do combined shipping. Well, this seller did just that and I was able to "up-size" my lot by one more auto.

Darren Helm
I have never bought or seen any cards from ITG's Canada VS The World product so that made this card at $1.50 that much more appealing. In addition, Helm was a former World Junior player which made this card a no-brainer. The auto is a sticker, but the back has half of it has a nice write-up about Helm's lone Team Canada performance. Helm is an excellent checking forward for the Red Wings and I am pretty happy adding this to my collection along with the other 4 autos.

I am curious to know if other collectors buy additional cards they might not normally have bought for combined shipping or if that is something people don't really care about?

Personally I found it turned an A- purchase into an A purchase!


  1. absolutely. If a seller has a flat rate of shipping, I'll always look for more cards. If he's one of those that says .25 cents for each card after, then I don't bother.

  2. Two things:
    1. I love Callahan...probably my fav non Canuck beside Coho
    2. I never have done that on the bay, but I definitely would consider trying it if I got the chance