Monday, April 2, 2012

eBay Auto Lot - 3 Sens plus 1

As I have posted a few times, I love Certified eBay lot purchases! Am I addicted to them? My wife would certainly suggest that I need help, but at these prices, I can't help myself. This latest lot was won for less than a price of a pack of UD Victory and including shipping I paid less than a pack of Panini Pinnacle. What did I get for my money?

Here they are:

Erik Condra rookie auto from the 11/12 Certified Set. These rookies aren't numbered, but their design is just as attractive as last season and the on-card autos are always a great touch. The foil board makes the card just that much more attractive. Condra has had a great season so far and probably exceeded some expectations much the Sens have! Condra has 8 goals and 24 points this season and could be a great role player for the Sens this post-season.

The other 11/12 Certified card is a Patrick Wiercioch auto rookie. Much like the previous card, it is an auto on foil board. Patrick was a second round pick of the Sens in 2008 and is currently honing his skills in the AHL. I suspect he has #4 or 5 d-man potential in the NHL, so don't expect a Karlsson-like season from this kid!

The Sens last season surprise rookie was Bobby Butler. This year he has been in a bit of a sophomore slump with his production through 56 games this year being below his 36 game totals last season. I think Bobby can turn it around next year and don't be too surprised if he ends up a 20-20-40 kind of player. I have been trying to get his auto for a little while so it was nice to find his in this lot!

One of these things is not like the other!

Like the Butler card before, this one is from the 10/11 Certified set, but unlike the previous three cards, Cliche isn't a Sen and his auto is a sticker. The 10/11 Certified set had 11 cards that were numbered to /799 at the end of the set and this is one of them. Cliche was a former second round pick of the Rangers in 2005 and is currently a Manchester Monarch. I remember watching him play against the Mooseheads during the playoffs in 2007. He was a pretty decent player in junior who just hasn't been able to crack a pretty strong LA Kings line-up.

I said it before, and I will say it again. I love Certified autos!

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