Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Over-time Hero of the Post-Season

I LOVE playoff hockey. Last night was proof to that as all three games were good ones. Maybe not good for the losing teams, maybe not good for the officials, but good for casual fans who want a nice close game. Being a Devils fan, I got last night and tonight as days where I can enjoy games as a casual fan.

Sure I want LA to win thanks to Casey's pool, but last night allowed me to watch some spirited playoff action.

The hero of the night was a player who I enjoyed watching play in Junior for Halifax and a player who I have been trying to land a game-used card of for a while:

Jakub Voracek

Jakub scored the game winner last night which capped off a 3-0 come from behind win for the Flyers. While it wasn't the prettiest goal of the night, it certainly was the most important and was clearly the type of goal you often see in the playoffs when checking is more fierce and players go the extra mile for a win.

Two weeks ago I went to a local flea market and found one or two tables with cards and I bought a few. This card happened to be one of them and it set me back a total of 50 cents. The swatch on this card is neat because it almost feels like it was from his hockey socks. Do card companies do this? It certainly didn't feel like any other swatch I have ever pulled and I have over a 100 of them.

Voracek has played pretty well this season and last night was his first taste of post-season hockey. As much as I hate the Flyers, I do want Jakub to do well and that is the only silver-lining I find in the Flyers winning! Here is hoping tonight's games are just as entertaining.

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