Saturday, September 14, 2013

The New Guy's 05-06 The Cup Gold Rookie

Maybe the most iconic set in the last decade is the 05-06 The Cup Set. Iconic for the fact that it was the premier of the ultra high-end hockey set and iconic for the cards you can pull. Rookies of many superstars thanks to a dual rookie class and many current NHL all-stars can call that their rookie year. Crosby, Ovechkin and Getzlaf just to name a couple. One that may get forgotten as a member of the historic rookie class is a guy that the Devils acquired as a free agent, Rostislav Olesz. With our busy off-season, much attention has been given to Clowe, Ryder and Jagr. However, given our weakness along the right side, Olesz could sneak his way onto the third or fourth line. He is a very solid two-way forward with some offensive upside. He did score 19 points in 14 AHL games last season and he was a former 7th overall pick. 

05-06 The Cup Gold Rostislav Olesz Rookie /85
Beacuse of the ultra high price per box of this stuff, common rookies even have high prices! This gold parallel actually books for $100 and I got is for less than a Blaster. What I like about the card other than the awesome gold foil is it actually is my first 05-06 The Cup card. I know I will never buy a box of this stuff ($1400 is a little steep) and even singles like Crosby and Parise are insanely priced. However, here is a 05-06 The Cup card featuring a Devil, it's a gold parallel and affordable.

Are there any 05-06 The Cup Rookies in your collection? Do you want any? Other than Crosby or Ovechkin I wouldn't mind getting a few more someday if the price is right.


  1. Sweet! I've only ever had one rookie/patch/auto The Cup card, and it was David Krejci (different year though). Ended up selling it and using the proceeds on a Mario Lemieux Topps RC in a PSA 9.

  2. the only 05-06 The Cup card in my collection is the Sakic base card. Even those aren't that cheap.

    that Olesz card is really nice though!

  3. Wow Shane, I know you like Krejci, but that is a serious upgrade if you ask me! Nice job.

    Thanks Robert, I have a couple base cards too and I find them to be pretty awesome in their design and size. Planning on tracking down more The Cup Sakics?