Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1947 R773 Goudey #79 Nootka

Super fast post today as time is short! I have heard lots about Goudey cards but never owned any. When I bought a few cards including my Alex Delvecchio  and Gordie Howe Coke cards the dealer had a few other interesting cards. One more from that lot purchase was this one for 99 cents.

1947 R773 Goudey #79 Nootka
Rough I know, but a beautiful looking image nonetheless.

I took an interest in the card because of the image, subject matter and its connection to Canada. Just seemed like a nice piece of history sharing a huge piece of history. Clearly the focus on physical traits wouldn't be appropriate for today's day and age but the reverence for their tribe's canoe craft is pretty neat to read. 

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