Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1933-34 OPC Series A #31 Frank King Clancy

One thing I learned in my adult years that I didn't fully know as a child is that a card is really only worth what someone will pay for it. I use a guide to help inform my decisions but over the past while I have seen some super amazing deals and seen cards sell for 4 times book value. It really goes both ways.

1933-34 OPC Frank King Clancy  

When I saw this online it was a total fluke. I did a search on some old OPC's and I found it and I wasn't even looking for it, I just saw an amazing card with a starting price of $0.99.  The seller was actually an hour away from my house too so I decided to lay down a bid. I wasn't sure what this card was worth because it has a small tear on the bottom left as you can see so it is really less than a card. With that being said, the book value on this in ex-mint condition is 1000 dollars! There are no creases in this card believe it or not, some corner rounding and a small stain on the front and back. So as far as I am concerned, sure it is in poor condition, but I see this as far better than poor because that tear is insignificant and the rest of the card is phenomenal for a card that is nearly 80 years old. 

Here is the back side, again very clear and sharp looking. The dimensions of the card are a little neat as it is a tiny bit taller and a little narrower than your standard sized card.

Now I am not going to preach that this is the most amazing deal ever had online because I am sure it is not. For some collectors this missing piece of this card has rendered it completely worthless. However, I feel it is worth 4 times what I paid for it and more.

In case you were wondering, I won this for about the price of a blaster with shipping!


  1. Totally awesome! Absolutely amazing card Dave, great find!

  2. That is outstanding. Really, really nice find.