Monday, September 16, 2013

The Most Important Card In My Collection...

Do you remember your first time? A pretty ambiguous question I know, but when it comes to card collecting do you remember? I do. I mentioned in a previous post my first pack of cards was the dubious 90-91 Pro Set and how I actually remember my first card. Since that time I have spent thousands of hours and dollars on the hobby and apart from playing and watching hockey it is one of my favourite ways to relax. Here is the card:


The card is now in a top loader and I recently found it prior to the move to my new house. I made a point to track it down because I knew I still had it and it was a matter of just searching.

The card itself is very insignificant in appearance and value. It is in VG shape after much handling and learning how to and how not to maintain mint cards. Funny how that one card lead to me owning the massive collection that currently occupies my man land and the joy that I still feel ripping something new or landing a sweet card via trade. I have actually grown to really love collecting in my adult years (after taking many years off) and I have a new appreciate for many aspects of the hobby and while it isn't perfect I see many more years of collecting in my future and 90-91 Pro Set is to blame.

On a side note I have finished my complete set a little while back and I am going to share a few more posts on 90-91 Pro Set (you have been warned).


  1. 90-91 Pro Set was actually what introduced me to hockey cards, and really, to hockey itself. I think even then, you could get an unopened box for like $5, which meant it was well within my 10-year-old price range (aka, what me dad was willing to spend on cards). I remember thinking how cool those Brett Hull prototype cards were, and I was even lucky enough to pull a Joe Nieuwendyk error card (one of the few actually rare errors).

  2. Funny you mention the errors because I am going to post a really awesome site listing many of the different errors and some are actually worth a pretty penny. I always thought it would be fun to chase the MASTER set with all the errors.