Friday, September 6, 2013

Parkhurst Project Card 25

So over the past year and a bit I did manage to land five more Parkies so here is number two of those five. I am sort of going in order of "impressiveness" but mostly in order of how much I like the card. This post is all about the last card in the set, Jim Conacher.
What some modern collectors don't know is back in the day the first and last cards of sets usually took a beating. Kids had all sorts of creative ways to keep their cards together which included the infamous elastic band. As a result the "ends" of the set often were the only forms of protection so middle cards had some good padding but the end cards absorbed much of the abuse. The end result is many vintage cards have serious premiums on the first and last cards in a set. The 51-52 Parkhurst set is no different with card number 1 Elmer Lach (not a rookie) booking for 500 dollars and the last card 105 Jim Conacher books for 200 dollars. While this card isn't even remotely close to grading about poor, I do actually like it. The previous owner(s) kept this card safe by using tape and at one point it might have even been on a ring in a binder via a nice hole punch. Like Fred Glover, I may choose to upgrade this some day but at the same time I do love the punishment it has suffered over the last 62 years that I may just keep it and all its character.

As for the subject, Jim Conacher had a few decent seasons prior to the making of this card. From 1946-1951 he scored 188 points in 270 games which is pretty excellent when you consider HOF'er Elmer Lach put up 213 points during the same time period. However, after his 30th birthday production tailed off severely and he was out of hockey by the end of the 52-53 season.


Card # 105 and # 25 of my set

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$9.50 with shipping

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