Sunday, September 1, 2013

Not all hard feelings Clarkie...

I must admit that with some recent eBay sales, it isn't all hard feelings now between me and Clarkson. He gave me indirectly 400% of what I paid on one of his cards and 1000% of what I paid on another. Those types of returns make me wish I spent more heavily on him but alas who can predict the future. So as a parting gift with my last one selling I was without a Clarkson auto so to commemorate our good times I did purchase a nice low-end auto for 2.50. Here it is:

09-10 BAP David Clarkson Auto
Nothing special here, I just didn't want to sell off all my autos without keeping one. So I sold off my valuable ones and replaced them with a cheap one. I used the rest of the proceeds to purchase an amazing insert set from 73-74 OPC and an equally amazing card from 33-34 OPC. I will share both when they arrive. Thanks David for the good memories and helping me land some pretty amazing cards that I wouldn't have otherwise likely been able to purchase. I also want to share a few more cards I was able to buy thanks to selling off my Raphael Diaz Rookie Patch Auto. That will be my next post!


  1. Definitely looking forward to seeing that insert set and card from the '30s!!!

  2. I guess you're talking the team rings logo set---revived in this years OPC--picked these up in the 80's for 25 cents a piece--those were the days

    1. Well called Al! It saddens me to know end to know all the deals I missed out on like that and 50 dollar Howe rookies.