Thursday, September 26, 2013

72-73 OPC Series 3 Team Logos

Last season Upper Deck decided to pull something from the past (40 years ago) and bring back the NHL logos insert set. Unlike 72-73 they are seed one every three boxes and are a manufactured patch instead of a die-cut punch out. They were very popular with collectors so they brought them back this year along with another 40 year old idea, NHL rings. Here are a few 72-73 OPC logos I picked up at the LCS last year.

If you ever looked at the book value of the 72-73 OPC logos you will find that they are pretty expensive and when you look on eBay you will find indeed sellers want a load of cash for them. One reason is they were only released in the much more rare third series and secondly kids often punched the logos out because they were meant to be used that way.  The high value for the set of 30 NHL/WHA books for $1000. While my cards all are tape stained, they are all intact and relatively in good shape (except Bos has a crease and Stl is missing a small piece of the border). They card backs are blank and are listed alphabetically in the Beckett. 

 This one is considered a common and books for 12 in great shape. Mine isn't great but I felt it like the others was a deal for $1.50.

This one isn't a common though I think it should be. Books for 15 in great shape, another deal for $1.50.

Another common, however worth pointing out if you ever got your hands on the Philadelphia Blazers logo, it is an SP'd one and can be worth some good coin. You guessed it, $1.50 for this one.

The most valuable of the non-Sp'd is this one. The defunct Seals books for $25 and I took it for a $1.50.

Another one that books for $25, and another $1.50 purchase. I have actually always loved the look of the NHL shield. For me, it is between the NHL and MLB for the best league logo.

Such a better looking logo than the Orca! This books for $20 and it was also $1.50.

The second last $1.50 logo was Les Canadiens. Apparently not that popular with collectors as this is also a common.

Here is my last one which was also $1.50. You can see a little damage at the top to go with my tape stains. These all are still good looking in my opinion and more importantly they are complete. I might chase this one some day but for now,  I have $12 tied up in a little over a quarter of the set. It is worth pointing out that all the WHA logos and two NHL logos are SP'd and they can range from 60-200 dollars so this will be a lifetime project and not one that will be over anytime soon.

Here is one of the WHA ones just for fun.

A very cool looking card and proof that sometimes the old ideas are often the best ones.

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