Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Parkhurst Project Card 27

This one is a HUGE one to cross off my list. Doug Harvey's rookie card was one of the 6-7 cards I feared would cost me a FORTUNE, but believe it or not, this cost me NOTHING! Free!!

Ok, I need to be honest, I have some really nice In-Laws who gave me some birthday money because they know of my addiction and last year were kind enough to help me land some C56's and I am sure they were hope this year I would continue buying some cool stuff. So armed with a generous amount of money, I was able to buy this card and a portion of my next one too. 

Doug Harvey is pretty much one of the top 4 defenseman of all-time and depending on who you speak to, he could even be top 2. Doug was an 11 time all-star and a 7 time Norris trophy winner, and while he may have had some tough demons to live with, there is no denying his amazing on ice ability. He was an offensive star in a time when defense really didn't chip in much offensively. Before there was Bobby, there was Doug. in my opinion, Doug really revolutionized the role of the offensive defenseman, Bobby just took it to a whole other level.

The card itself isn't great condition wise, but I still think it looks great! There are two major creases running top to bottom and the corners have some rounding. There is also a minor crease going from left to the C on Doug's jersey. However, the colouring is great and no fading of the text which is common for Parkies. The back is also clean and stain free. I contacted the seller who had a BIN on it and gave him a best offer scenario and he took it. 50 dollars. Sure the card is rough, but crossing off a card that books for 600 with a copy I could live with is worth it. I know some of the other biggies from this set will need to be wounded whales as well, but again I am building a set of character, not a mint set. (Though I may nab a Viper Reprint set someday so that I have a mint set to compare with)


Card # 10 and # 26 of my set

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Free (gift)

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