Monday, September 9, 2013

Parkhurst Project Card 26

Made a few changes to my website. I am not sure what will be permanent and what is currently just in flux, but I do like my banner. It is the seam piece of an 83-84 OPC Wrapper and the main background is the back of my Ed Slowinski 51 Parkhurst card. I choose this one because it is clean and NOT mint. I like the small back side crease on it and I think it adds some character. However, I will continue to reflect on my blog because after 520+ posts, it is nice to change some stuff up!

Harry Watson is my latest addition to the Parkhurst Project. Harry is a HOF'er who won 5 Stanley Cups and was a part of 7 All-Star games. Harry did finish second in the league in goals once and he scored 10+ goals in every one of his 14 seasons.  One of his reasons for being in the Hall was due to the advocacy of broadcasters like Don Cherry and Brian Williams who felt his generation was being over looked. I for one can't argue for or against his inclusion since he did miss a couple years due to the War and I wasn't alive to see all aspects of his game not included on a score sheet.

This is card number 26 in my set, and it is a pretty nice piece of cardboard. The card is crease free, but rounded corners and a little black mark on the card (not sure what it is, sharpie?). Book value on this one is 125 which makes it middle of the road cost wise as far as the set goes, but I felt that picking this one up for 14.99 was a pretty solid deal considering I think this is easily VG+. In case you were wondering, that little black mark is actually a printing flaw! I thought it was someone's handiwork with a sharpie, but I found proof here


Card # 70 and # 26 of my set

Percentage Complete:


Cost of the Card:

$14.99 with shipping

Total Cost of Set to Date:


So that pretty much has me at the quarter mark with less than 200 invested. I suspect I am going to have to shell out more than 800 for the whole set considering I am still missing Terry, Gordie and Maurice.


  1. Loving these posts, keep them coming!

  2. Another nice one. I was going to say that I was pretty sure I had that mark on mine, as well. Nice to know it's original.

    I like the redesign, too!