Wednesday, April 10, 2013

06-07 Parkhurst Edgar Laprade Auto

My next series of posts (because for some reason I think a theme is a good idea) is about HOF autographs! I think I have a little over a week's worth of HOF autos I have landed in the past year that I haven't shared online yet. So unlike the Sweet Shot posts, these may be a little more interesting to some so please, come back!

The first is an auto I already have, but am fixing an unfortunate error. I mailed away a New York Rangers card from the 08-09 OPC set because I didn't have any cards of Edgar Laprade that I was willing to lose in a TTM request. However, what I didn't anticipate was he would sign the back of the card which wasn't prepped by me and therefore smudged when he signed it. Believe it or not, it actually bothered me that the auto wasn't perfect. I didn't hold any ill will against anyone but myself for that one. So, being the patient guy I am, I kept waiting and creeping on eBay auctions. I had seen the same one time and time again go with no bids by a dealer who I believe was pretty reputable. Finally I wrote him and said, "hey if this auction doesn't sell, would you take 4 bucks with shipping for that card?" He wrote back pretty fast and said bid on it and if you win, then yes. So I bid and yes I won! So here is what it was, a base card of Edgar Laprade from the 06-07 Parkhurst set. 

06-07 Parkhurst Edgar Laprade Auto Base Card 
I had much interest in this card because he is from my hometown and he is a HOF'er. From what I read, he wasn't a super amazing offensive superstar, but rather a very talented two-way player who worked very hard on the ice and was a former Rookie of the Year winner and Lady Byng Trophy winner. Because he served his country in WWII, he was a little later arriving in the NHL but he was very good Senior Hockey player before enlisting and was a four-time NHL All-Star.

So we kick off another theme, I promise some pretty sweet autos before this is all over and through!

BTW for those interested, there is an auto insert parallel in the 06-07 Parkhurst set for those looking for a certified auto. However, Edgar is a very gracious TTM signer and I would recommend anyone to write him because he does enjoy the fan mail!

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