Thursday, April 4, 2013

07-08 Sweet Shot - Ryan Carter Rookie and Rookie Auto

So I guess I have a small confession here and that is I have a guilty pleasure called Sweet Shot. Particularly the 07-08 release. A long time ago, or so it seems, I busted a box of this stuff with very little success. However, on the secondary market I have bought autos of Radulov, Marc Staal, Erik Johnson, and a few other cards I will share at a later date. The next few posts will be a love-fest for 07-08 Sweet Shot so you may want to come back or ignore my blog for the next few days :)

Today, current Devils 3rd/4th liner Ryan Carter is the focus. I have a pair of Carters the first being the standard base issue rookie which is numbered to 599.

07-08 Sweet Shot Ryan Carter Sweet Beginnings Rookie /599
Here is the front, I like the design of these a fair bit and I really don't know why. The swatches of course are all photo-shoot/event-used stuff and in this case all the same colour. Still I am a fan and I can't tell why.

Both cards have similar back and what I do like is there is a small burb that almost goes unnoticed in the upper right about each player.

07-08 Sweet Shot Ryan Carter Sweet Beginnings Autograph /100
I also have the autographed version of the card. These are almost identical with numbering being limited to 100 and of course the signature.

The next couple posts will be all my Sweet Shot pick-ups over the last year which were obtained via eBay, LCS and trade.

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  1. Yeah the 07 Sweet shots were dope, i have a few myself. I'm following your blog btw I like it A lot even though I'm more of baseball guy. Check my blog out hopefully you join the site. Keep up the good work.