Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Generosity from Shoebox Legends and a trade with The Hockey Card Closet

So now that the Sweet Shot love-in is over, I can get on to other posts that have been piling up on an already large list. This is an important post with a great act of kindness and a simple but fun trade to highlight.

First off, an act of kindness from Shane over at Shoebox Legends. I sent him a few cards that didn't belong in my collection and he was far too kind (especially if you consider he was robbed at the post office, insane shipping rates that now exceed what we Canadians overpay). He sent four cards, all Devils, all cards I don't own and all cards I do like having! 

Card 1: 05-06 Artifacts All-Stars Patrik Elias
 Our all-time leading scorer numbered to 899? Thank you!

11-12 Artifacts Emerald Zach Parise
 I was going to mention this in a later post, but I am over Zach ditching us! I still like him and understand to some degree why he left.

03-04 OPC Blue Brian Rafalski
 Only good memories of Brian here.

10-11 UD Retro Kovy
Love the 90-91 Retro cards and love Kovy....Together on a piece of cardboard....mind blowing.

Thanks a million Shane, next time I will try and make up for the shipping differences in this exchange and any other future ones :)

This next card is part of a trade I made with Kyle from Beware The Hockey Card Closet.

In a trade with Kyle we did two cards for two cards and this Khabby auto was the centerpiece. Despite his run-in with the law, he was and still is a pretty fine goalie. Over 300 career wins and 46 shutouts, not to mention, a gold medal at the 92 WJHC as a member of team CIS (remember those days). Neat auto in black sharpie on sticker with number. 

So there you have an expected card that looks great and some unexpected cards that are just awesome! Thanks boys and happy blogging!  


  1. Awesome, glad you needed all of them! There were a few more awesome Devils that I left behind in the dollar box that day, I'll grab them next time I'm there and start a new pile for you!

    1. Hahaha very nice, always good having someone look out for you. I will certainly do the same.

    2. I Hate the Devils But I got to respect Brian Rafalski he was a solid player. Love the blog btw im following Check mine out http://truschoolsports.blogspot.com/ join the site if you like what you see.

    3. Followed already. Ironically enough, I am the one with the Devils logo ;)

    4. Wow I feel like an idiot but its all good. Panthers all day though!!

    5. No worries...I have serious respect for Weiss and Huberdeau!