Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1964-65 Topps Jim Mikol Rookie - My First Tall Boy

Ignorance is sometimes just ignorance. I never thought much of the old 64-65 Topps, in fact I pretty much felt it was one of the most overrated sets of all-time. When Fleer Power Play hit the market in 93-94 I was only that much more irritated at their large size, hard to store and otherwise foolish look. In fairness though, I never had held an original tall boy in my hands and I guess I was basing my opinion on very little.

Well this past fall, I finally held my first tall boy and it was AFTER I won it in an auction. I didn't go out looking to buy this card, but when I won a different auction I started looking at what else the seller had and this gem was there with only moments left so I threw a bid in and stole it!

64-65 Topps #36 Jim Mikol Rookie
This card is in amazing shape! No creases, solid centering and the corners are pretty decent.

I love the card backs. Good use of space and don't let the numbers fool you, those are Mikol's AHL numbers with the Cleveland Barons. He finished tied for second on his team behind AHL legend Fred Glover. Jim Mikol didn't have a HOF NHL career and actually only ever had one NHL card made during his playing career. Despite that fact, I still really like this card and I must say I have more of an appreciate of the Tall Boys now that I have one in my collection and even though I am still not a die-hard, I can appreciate them enough to say they aren't the most overrated set of all-time, but maybe just a tiny bit overrated.


  1. Great score, I've always kind of liked this set for some reason. I have maybe 10 or so of them, but my most prized by a long shot is Milt Schmidt.

    1. Thanks, that is a very good looking Schmidt you have there!

  2. Very nice! I always liked this set, as well. They're bright and the pictures are huge, for obvious reasons.