Saturday, April 13, 2013

09-10 UD Ice Glacial Graphs Steve Yzerman

Continuing the trend of HOF autos, here is the next one I landed in the last year. My first and only Steve Yzerman auto. In hindsight, I probably should have put some white paper on the back when I scanned it because the black top of the scanner cover takes away from the autograph. With that being said, the rest of the card did end up pretty cool too....

This is a 09-10 Glacial Graph which is a busier looking card than my favourite 05-06 Glacial Graphs but I still like the card. Good use of colour and space with an "ice" background. 

Steve signed this card with a blue sharpie and like all Glacial Graphs I have seen, it is an on acetate auto. Steve included his number with this signature which is always a bonus to me. I thought about rescanning to show the auto off better, but the card is now in a one screw screwdown and I don't see it coming out any time soon :)

Whenever I get a chance I will try and chase a player's Glacial Graph, are there any collectors out there who target a specific auto release (Autofacts, Brushstrokes, Signature Sensations etc.)? Normally I do a small write up about the player, but time is a little short today so if you are more curious about Stevie Wonders pro hockey stats, check out this. His 155 point season will always stand out in my mind, but his performance at the 89-90 World Hockey Championships is pretty cool as is his 6th place in all-time regular season points with 1755.


  1. Wow, Hull and Yzerman autos back to back, an impressive duo.

  2. Thanks! I have been saving them all up to post a series. My favourite 3 are still yet to come :)

  3. Yzerman has one of the better signatures from the modern era; couple that with the Glacial Graphs acetate cards an you have a winner.

    Nice score!