Sunday, April 14, 2013

05-06 Victory Mario Lemieux Auto

I have been showing off my HOF auto pick ups from the past year and really have done so in no apparent order. But, I do plan on identifying my top 3 and this one comes in as my third favourite of the past year.

Some would argue (and may even win) the argument that Mario Lemieux is/was the greatest hockey player of all-time. I have lots of respect for Super Mario and I think he was an amazing player, greatest of all-time? Not in my books. But, he would be in my Top 5 of all-time that is for sure and what could have been if he wasn't a smoker, didn't get injured and didn't get frustrated and retire for a number of seasons, who knows. I do believe Wayne's major records would still have been safe, but he would be the NHL's number 2 all-time scorer. I just wish that the Devils tanked on purpose like the Penguins did in 1984 and won the Mario Sweepstakes. Kirk Muller was an OK runner up prize, but Brett Hull and Luc Robitaille would have been better number 2 choices.

Enough talk, here is the Magnificent One!

05-06 UD Victory Mario Lemieux 
This card is from Mario's last season in the NHL and it features an on-card auto in blue sharpie. I LOVE how this auto pops on this card. I did some thinking and I would take this card any day over a Mario auto with sticker technology. I may not be the biggest fan of the card choice, but the fact that it is a certified on-card auto was definitely cool to me.

Here is the back side, apparently the auto warranted a 9 out of 10 score which I don't entirely understand. The auto seems flawless to me, but maybe it would have been better if some of the ink didn't go over top some black portions of the photo. What is coolest about this card is the price. I paid what a person would dish out for a pack of SP Game Used (tax included) to land this card with shipping included. My favourite dealer had it on their page for a while and I asked if they would take a lower price and he told me he would lose money if he took that offer. However, he came back with his absolute bottom line and I wasn't going to argue. This is my first and only Mario auto, but for a first I think I couldn't ask for much more!


  1. Man, they keep getting better, can't wait to see the next two!

  2. Sick. I didn't know Victory had autos. Or is this some sort of buyback? TTM? In Person? Explain. It's making me crazy.

    1. Thanks! Short answer, I don't know.

      Long answer, I didn't ask the dealer, but if I would guess I would say someone did an IP auto and then sent it away to authenticate and sell it. If it was a ITG buy back, they usually sticks their name on it some where, but then again I don't know if UD does the same or not.

      I am very happy that it is authenticated though, I almost won a Lemieux auto a while back, but the bidding went over 20 bucks for something unauthenticated and I just didn't know the dealer well enough to have faith in that alone.

  3. You can get Lemieux's auto pretty cheap, all things considered. The one I have is from 2011-12 Panini Prime, numbered to 25, and I think I paid around $45, which, to me, is INSANELY low.

  4. Man Lemieux AUTO, can get more better than that